Prayers of REST

9.5 Breaking Free from Generational Sin

August 28, 2023 Asheritah Ciuciu Season 9 Episode 5
Prayers of REST
9.5 Breaking Free from Generational Sin
Show Notes

"When I grow up, I'm never going to do that." Have you ever said those words?

Maybe it was about something that your mom or dad would say or do that you would find just so annoying as a child?  And here you are twenty, thirty, or forty years later and you're doing the exact same thing.

Oh, it's so frustrating! And sometimes it can be as silly as a verbal phrase that you repeat that your mom or dad used to say, or maybe it's something more serious, darker, a generational sin that you find repeating itself and its pattern in one generation after another.

If this is you, friend, I have some good news: Jesus can break the power of those generational sins in your life.

This fall on the Prayers of REST Podcast we are getting honest with God about our temptations and struggles so that, by the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us, we can break free from the spiritual strongholds in our lives. Join us each week as we:

R - Recite God's Goodness
E - Express Your Neediness
S - Seek His Stillness
T - Trust His Faithfulness

If we want to break free from the sins and temptations holding us captive, it is so important that we pray proactively and repeatedly. That’s why my team created a special resource just for you!

If you want to continue bringing your struggles to Jesus throughout the week—even if you don't have your earbuds on hand!—get the Handling Hard Emotions Scripture Cards!

Each of these beautiful cards features a Scripture verse and a prayer that you can memorize, meditate on, and pray through. Included with this card set, you’ll get:

  • A curated collection of 20 powerful Bible verses that address our most common hard emotions
  • Instant access to 20 Scriptural prayer-starters to help you springboard your own prayers and stay focused while you pray
  • A 5-Day devotional that guides you deeper into God’s way of handling hard emotions in our daily life
  • Convenient-sized cards that are easy to carry around and post around your house so you’re always prepared to pray
  • A versatile digital copy that can be printed multiple times for personal use, in a printer-friendly format that minimizes ink use

I hope these cards remind you to turn your face toward Jesus no matter what hard emotion you’re facing each day. Print them out, cut them apart, and post them above your kitchen sink, next to the washing machine, or on the front of your fridge. Click here to purchase yours today.

Fill your mind with God’s Word, and you will grow to become aware of His loving presence with you, surrounding you, and filling you with His own Spirit. Even on the hard days.

Until we meet again, may you find rest in God's loving presence...

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